About BRC

BaerChain is the pioneer of global game public chain, to craft the globally first blockchain game industrial ecology that is driven by technology.BRC (BaerChain) is a digital currency based on cryptology and launched by Singapore BaerChain Foundation. It is the fundamental currency of the game public chain. The total number of BRC is 580 million,market liquidity 25%, and they will be applied with repurchase and destroy policies, to eventually make them reduce to 21 million.

BaerChain employs the self-optimized SH-DPoS as the underlying consensus mechanism, uses innovative technologies to eliminate monopolization of resources and distributions in traditional game industry, as well as poor experience of existing blockchain games. As the only digital currency on Baer Chain, BRC can not only circulate on its own public chain platform, but also could pass values in the whole Baer Chain community.

Baer Chain is building an ecological system that bases on underlying technology and loads it value on BRC, of which the number of community members has exceeded 570,000. These members are connected with each other via consensus. The benign interactions between them guarantee the community’s vigour and expansion, thus promoting the whole ecology’s prosperity. As a result, it could furtherly attract more game developers and players globally to participate the system. During which, the value of BRC would ascend tremendously via circulating.


Total Number:580 million

Official Web:http://www.baerchain.com/

White Paper:http://t.cn/E7LX8h6

BaerChain Wallet Downloading:https://baerchain.com/site/app


Telegram: https://0.plus/BaerChainCN

E-mail:[email protected]

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