About EDR

E-Dinar Coin is a unique cryptocurrency. Issuing of new coins is carried out due to the daily mining charges (up to 0.65% per day) and affiliated referral bonus user network
E-Dinar Coin is environmentally friendly. The modern and secure algorithm of mining, using the proof-of-stake technology without energy consumption.

Globality. E-Dinar Coin plans to provide all residents of Earth with the sufficient number of coins in the purpose of the independence from other money
The system is completely decentralized: without centralized control, single organizer of trade and issuer. Each participant of the system has full access to the statistics of the transactions of mutual settlements.



Total Number:1,011,211,988 EDR 

Official Web:https://edinarcoin.com

White Paper:Https://edinarcoin.com/ru/marketing-ru/ 




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