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SharesChain is a community-owned fundraising platform. It acts as a bridge between the real world financial Assets (e.g equity) and the blockchain space. SharesChain allows offchain startups or established companies to efficiently fundraise capital at a very low cost by tokenizing part or all of its assets in the SharesChain ecosystem. It is a safe and legal tool that benefits both companies that need capital and liquidity, as well as investors who need a gateway to access investment opportunities.

Latest News:

1. Product development progress:

  • The candy planet mini program is normally promoted.
  • The preliminary research on the blockchain wallet application has been completed.
  • Official website article system has been optimized. SEO function and some bugs are improved.


Launching timeJuly 7, 2018

Record high :  0.0000028 BTC


NMT Ecology is based on the concept of decentralization, integrating global media resources, and transforming the traditional media industry through blockchain technology to create a distributed media collaboration service platform.

NMT is the abbreviation of New Media Technology. NMT Ecology is jointly established by the DT technical team of New Media Investment Group of USA and the Market Watch technical team. The DT technical team and Market Watch Technical team has more than three years of blockchain development and operation experience. In the NMT ecosystem, the combination of blockchain technology and the media industry ensures accurate, open and transparent industry data which enables the targeting of clients, transparency enhancing of media products, personal and business

linkages enhancing and helping small and medium-sized enterprises to break the industrial development barriers. NMT Ecology will also create a blockchain-based value transfer network with

technological advantages, enabling NMT users to eliminate the conversion risk and

complete payment and settlement efficiently.

Latest News:

  • NMT launched on Bit-Z Exchange.


Launching timeJuly 7, 2018

Record high : 0.00000739 BTC


ZPER is making decentralized global Peer-to-peer lending ecosystem to connect global Peer-to-Peer lending companies with information providers, robo-advisors and global investors. ZPER alliance will allow Peer-to-Peer lending companies to manage risk and credibility together and invite variety of participants to freely interact and exchange values, provides a reasonable financial environment for borrowers and lenders.

Latest news:

  • ZPR launched on Bit-Z Exchange
  • ZPR & Bit-Z jointly launched transaction activity on Jul 23rd, 2018.


Launching timeJuly 202018

Record high : 0.00000359 BTC


HOURS CHAIN is a blockchain based on personal health data services. It aims to provide real and effective personal health data services for medical insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions. With HOURS CHAIN, we can develop a personalized mobile application service (DAPP). We can also write our RTMLTS (RFID Technology in Medical Logistics Tracking System) code into the chip and implant the wearable device to keep abreast of personal health. The data is recorded directly on the individual’s electronic health ledger through our independently developed Data Analysis Module (DAM).HOURS CHAIN is created based on the characteristics of Ethereum with independent innovation as a healthy private chain of “enterprise and user dual level” services. It builds a BaaS-level architecture and infrastructure, opens internal capabilities and can be shared with businesses and government agencies. A blockchain ecology that forms a credible personal health record can promote the development of a trusted internet.

Latest news:

1. Product development progress:

  • Time HOURS APP mining version starts to optimize

2. Market progress:

  • By July 27, more than 4,321 key partners have been registered on the “HOURS APP”.
  • By July 20th, the number of time chain communities had exceeded 31,651 community partners.
  • By July 25th, the time chain united the Bit-Z Exchange and distributed 3 million HOR successfully.


Launching timeJuly 192018

Record high : 0.00027 ETH


With the rise of ‘new consumption’, ‘new retail’, ‘Internet +’and ‘blockchain’, the liquor market size will be even larger.LWC, based on decentralized, traceable, distributed, tamper-resistant, transparent, and other characteristics, can solve problems such as traceability of product information, lack of trust, and transaction.LWC, which focuses on the field of ‘liquor + blockchain’, is establishing a global liquor trading platform, pushing the liquor industry into a golden period of development.The goal of LWC is to become a liquor bank with the integration of liquor circulation, trading and warehousing all over the world. The use of token coins (LOVC) as a license for LWC issuance can not only reduce the risks of cross-border trade, but also facilitate consumption around the world. The settlement will help the global information flow of liquor products, optimize the supply chain system of the industry, rebuild the consumer trust system, and finally become an internationalized and intelligent large ecosystem of the entire industry.

Latest news:

1. Operation progress:

  • From July 19th to 24th, LOVC & Bit-Z jointly launched transaction activity and sent out 3 million rewards in total.

2. Development progress:

  • Recently, Android beta version APP will be launched.


Launching timeJuly 172018

Record high : 0.000133 ETH


BitNew Chain, based on the system of peer-to-peer payments and smart contract, through forging a two-tier decentralized blockchain network with standard physical masternode, resource segregation, decentralized computing subsystemBTN-DC, and decentralized storage subsystemBTN-FSetc., aims to extend blockchain applications to the field of hardware. Meanwhile, BitNew chain sets out to further construct system with SW/HW combined cross-chain communication and scalability module with artificial intelligence, thus contributing to the SW/HW combined ecology via significantly lower user payment costs and better user experience.

Number of people in the community:

  • Telegram: 37k
  • Beechat: 4.9k


Launching timeJuly 192018

Record high : 0.00011999 BTC


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