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Project Introduction

DCT is our very own altcoin. It is fundamental to our DCore blockchain which combines DPoS and file-sharing protocols. DCT is needed to fuel transactions and it also funds the witnesses that keep DCore running.

Latest News:

  • On September 4th, the #DECENT# Korean team led by John Oh participated in the Korean Blockfesta Round table Forum.
  • On September 11th, the DECENT web wallet beta was launched, and DCore V.1.3.0 was released.


Launching timeSeptember 13, 2018

Record high: 0.0003 BTC 


Project Introduction

Insee is a non-profit community-basedblockchain project that utilizes blockchain technology and smart contract to digitize content assetsand intellectual property, to automate the management of content using smart contracts, and torealize a "smart entertainment" with a distributed network.

Latest News:

  • Listed in Bit-Z Exchange on September 20.


Launching timeSeptember 20, 2018

Record high: 0.00016602 ETH


Project Introduction

A cross-chain distributed storage protocol based on blockchain 3.0. It could be deployed on all public chains, storage networks and personal nodes. Sharder Protocols initiative cross-chain architecture, watcher & prover roles, and the Sharder-UTXO & Sharder Keypair optimizes action functions, verifications, consensus, credential mechanisms, contribution quantification, encryption technology, data sharding, file systems, smart contracts, and etc. The security, availability, and elasticity of the network is greatly improved through Sharder Protocol.

Latest News:

  • SS will list in Bit-Z Exchange on September 26.
  • The block height of the Sharder Chain testnet has surpassed 60k blocks. There are now 222 users on Bean Cloud and 6,605 copies of certified data are stored successfully.
  • R&D for Task Hall, our community contribution system has been completed.


Launching timeSeptember 26, 2018


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