Register an account on Bit-Z. You will get a free online bitcoin wallet. You do not need to install any applications to use.


Go to the home page, options in the search box, and sell quickly. Fill in the form for the amount you want to sell in your currency, and then choose the payment method. If you are not sure how to pay, you can choose all online quotes as payment. The site will list all bitcoin quotes in your area.

Pay attention to the way of payment: some payment methods are very risky. Bitcoin transactions are completely irreversible. After you turn out bitcoin, you will not be able to recover, even if the buyers transaction is reversible. Thats why we recommend you sell bitcoin to experienced users who have had a lot of transactions and received 100% feedback. Read more about the level of payment methods and risk levels.


From the list of quotations, a trader with good reputation and a large number of trading records. The response time indicator displays the traders online status. You can click the "sell" button to see more information about the offer.


After you press the "sell" button, you will see more information about the offer, including the terms of the transaction. Please read the information carefully before submitting the transaction request. If you dont agree, you can go back to the first page and choose another quote.
To start the transaction, type the amount you want to sell in the blue box, enter a message for the buyer, and then click the send transaction request button to start the transaction.
After starting the transaction, bitcoin will be frozen from your wallet.



After sending the transaction request, the buyer will ask you to provide payment details (for example, if you want to use a bank transfer to sell bitcoins, the buyer will ask you to provide bank account information). After you provide payment information to the buyer, the buyer will pay and confirm.
Please make sure your account has received funds and then release bitcoin. Bitcoin should not be released before payment is received. Bitcoin transactions irreversible, bitcoin sent to buyers, will not be able to retrieve, even if you did not receive payment of buyers.
After you receive payment, you can scroll down the page and the release bitcoin. Release bitcoin from the transaction trust to the buyer and complete the transaction.