Who is Bit-Z's Next Vote Coin?

Activity time: 2018.11.11 00:00 ~ 2018.11.17 24:00(UCT/GMT +08:00)


1. Top 3 projects' tokens with the highest comprehensive strength in the Bit-Z Project Evaluation Center will become Bit-Z vote coin(during the event), and the top 3 projects can recommend one project each to use their token or VTC as the vote coin to participate in the Bit-Z Vote for Launch.

2. The top 3 projects need to use the recommending qualification within 7 days, and the expiration is considered abandonment.

3. Bit-Z Project Review Center will conduct comprehensive risk control from the blockchain project team, history, products, strategy, and potential. After passing the review, the project will enter the Vote for Launch. The voting rules are as follows:

Voting follows the rules:

1)Voting cycle: 1 week

2)Traders need completing Level 2 Certification.

3)Vote limit: 50VTC~2,000VTC / Equivalent token

4)Target votes: 2,000,000VTC / Equivalent token

If a digital asset meets the target goal, Bit-Z will launch this token as soon as it is available. The bonus will be distributed to supporters according to their voting weights.

If the target goal is not reached, the vote coin voted will be fully refunded.

The specific voting rules are subject to the actual announcement.

Bit-Z Project Evaluation Center

Bit-Z Project Evaluation Center to review the project's overall strength from the trader perspective and market perspective on the project progress, safety control, application landing, transactions, and community activity. The aim is to establish a complete project file, disclose the project's progress and information, provide more transparent trading environment, and publicize the trader's support for each projects.

More about Bit-Z Project Evaluation Center

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November 6, 2018

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