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Bit-Z Group will release 1.5 million USDT to repurchase BZ tokens on the market on November 19, Hong Kong time. The plan is expected to be completed within 15 days. After the repurchase is completed, the Bit-Z Group will announce the destruction address. In the future, the Bit-Z Group will continue to carry out a rolling repurchase program, which is committed to the appreciation of the existing circulating BZ tokens in the market.

BZ is an ecological token issued by the Bit-Z Group and does not publicly raise funds for investors, referred to as BZ. At the beginning of BZ, it was issued based on the Ethereum ERC20 agreement. In the future, the mainnet will establish more ecological models to promote the development of the platform. Based on the global ecological development plan of the Bit-Z Group, BZ will have good asset value preservation, a predictable value-added space, and stable market liquidity. The value space can be imagined. Bringing a series of ecological core benefits to the Bit-Z Group. It aims to maintain the ecological development of the blockchain of the Bit-Z Group, and the industry is healthy and platform is self-disciplined. Minimize the barriers for global partners to work together to create a new economy for welfare sharing.

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November 19, 2018