Symbol future, Bit-Z major strategic upgrade Web v2.0 was officially released today (Nov 15, 2018 UTC/GMT+08:00).

With 328 updates and optimizations, the homepage renewed through the dual experience of visual and tactile and the exchange page stands out for security and stability. All changes are for the convenience of user operation. Every upgrade, Bit-Z is all for more professional, safer and more extreme user experience.

Here are the highlights of this upgrade:




1. Innovative star cards display area can help you to grasp the floating profit in an instant, keeping up with the trend of the market.

2. The worldwide first multi-selection rule in the trading area greatly highlights the importance of the valuable coin, so you only need to pay attention to the coin you really care about.

3. Pure text display of hot activities let the activity return to the essence of the activity.


Exchange page


1. Unique modular layout, showing the essence of rigor.

2. The data of the market is echoed with the order area, which prevents the user from misoperation and simplifies the cumbersome order.

3. Real-time trades, my trades (simplified version) echoes with the order area, and the status of the order and the pending order is presented instantly.

4. In order to get all the trends coin trading information is displayed in real time.


More pages



1. Dark blue style helps you quickly focus on the most concerned data.

2. Over-the-counter trading and coin trading can help you classify assets easily.

3. More reasonable and elegant fonts can help you quickly identify specific data.

4. ......


And more surprises, welcome to explore! Bit-Z is always changing for you.



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Thank you for your support!

Bit-Z Team

November 15, 2018