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The standard fee has been upgraded, which can be viewed through Fees.

Mainstream Currency

1. What is the mainstream currency: A digital currency with large market value and active transaction. It will be adjusted at any time according to the operational strategy, now including BTC、XRP、ETH、XLM、BCHABC、EOS、USDT、NEO、LTC、BCHSV、TRX、DASH、ETC、ONT、ZEC、DOGE、BTG、QTUM、ELA、TUSD、HC、MCO、GXC、NULS、BNB.

2. Buy and sell in exchange, and charge according to maker= 0.18%; taker= 0.20%.

Innovation Currency

1. What is the innovation currency: The digital currency with relatively small market value and relatively inactive transactions, as well as the new online currency of the platform, will be adjusted at any time according to the operational strategy.

2. Exchange fee: Exchange buying fee and selling fee is 0.2%.


1. Mainstream currencies and innovative currencies will be adjusted according to market conditions and operational strategies.

2. The exchange fee rate will be adjusted according to market conditions and operational strategies, and the final interpretation right will be owned by Bit-Z.


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May 15, 2019


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